Why Should I Select The Boies Law Firm (“Firm”)?

Many clients select us because we provide excellent, expeditious and cost-efficient legal services to our clients without compromising the quality of our legal services.

What are the Office Hours?

All our office visits are by appointment only. We encourage our clients and potential clients to schedule meetings with us between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Does the Firm Provide Free Consultation?

Generally, the Firm does not provide free consultation. However, the attorney you meet with may choose to waive the consultation fee at his or her sole discretion.

How Much Would the Firm Charge me for my Case?

The fees for each case will be based on the retainer agreement between the Firm and each client. The Firm may require you to pay part or all the fees up front. The following are some of the various fee arrangements:

  • Hourly Fees:for some cases, the Firm charges hourly. The hourly rate depends on the complexity of the case and relationship between the Firm and each client. Nevertheless, each client receives a detailed and itemized invoice showing all work done on client’s case at the end of the calendar month.
  • Contingency fees:for some cases, the Firm may charge on a contingency fee basis, which means that your legal fees will be based on the amount of money the Firm recovers on behalf of the client. Again, the retainer agreement between the Firm and each client will clearly state if the Firm is taking your case on a contingency basis and what the Firm’s percentage of the recovery will be, if there is any recovery.
  • The fees could also be a mixture of Hourly and Contingency fees

How do I Find Out How my Case Is Going?

We make every attempt to keep clients informed of major developments of their cases. The attorney on the case would generally contact the clients regarding any major developments. Alternatively, the client can contact the attorney on the case for an update.

Will the Firm respond to my questions sent through this website or email?

No. Unless you are a current client and your email has been cleared to send us email, we will not respond to unknown or unverified email. To have your questions answered, we recommend you make an appointment with one of our attorneys to appropriately answer your questions. Additionally, please be advised neither information posted on this site nor any electronic communication sent to this Firm or its lawyers or staff through this site, email or phone will create an attorney-client relationship and such communication will not be treated as confidential or privileged.

Will the Firm respond to media requests regarding pending or concluded cases the Firm has been involved in?

No. Whether the questions relate to pending or concluded cases, this Firm does not comment on pending or concluded cases. However, every now and then the Firm may opine or write articles about legal cases or regulations in general. Those articles are usually in the public domain.