Civil Litigation

Civil LitigationThe Boies Law Firm, PLLC represents both individual and commercial clients in a wide variety of civil litigation cases, including, but not limited to: commercial, real estate, employment, and civil rights.

We understand that the decision of whether to pursue litigation should not be taken lightly. The time and expenses involved can, sometimes, negate the benefits of litigation. In other words, as we like saying here: what’s point of spending $500 to litigate a problem that’s worth $100? Initially, our attorneys provide our clients a comprehensive evaluation of their cases. If litigation is a viable option, we will work with you to formulate the best strategy possible.

In keeping with our Philosophy to provide our clients with “excellent, expeditious and cost- efficient legal services,” we work closely with our clients to develop a legal strategy that meets our clients’ needs and further their objectives without compromising our zealous and effective representation.

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