Corporate Practice

Whether you are starting a business, a well-established corporate powerhouse, expanding, buying or selling a business, hiring new employees or independent contractors, The Boies Law Firm can assist you. Some of our clients find it beneficial to retain us as their general counsel for a monthly retainer. With the monthly retainer, we design a program that fits your budget, including dedicating a number of hours on a monthly basis to answer your questions, address your needs, and help you stay ahead of legal issues. It is as if our clients have their own internal legal department for a fraction of the cost.

Other clients prefer to retain us for specific projects, such as formation of entities (LLC, PLLC, LP, C Corp., S Corp., PC, Not-for-Profit Corporation, Partnerships, … etc.), mergers and acquisitions, business counseling, investigation/compliance (internal/government); corporate finance / private equity / venture capital; intellectual property (patent, copyright, trademark, etc.) corporate governance or employment law.

In keeping with our Philosophy to build a “culture and structure that foster the appropriate sharing of information for the benefits of our clients,” we frequently communicate with our clients to understand their ongoing needs, goals, to inform them of any developments that may affect their business. We not only address our clients’ legal issues as they arise, more importantly, we also work closely with our business clients to create and implement long-term and sustainable solutions.

Providing our clients with excellent, expeditious and cost-efficient legal services has always been and remains our cornerstone.

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